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handcrafted with love

Hand-crafted with love

Our B-Lady vagina prosthesis is created to make you happy. Each prosthesis is individually handcrafted by us and is therefore unique. Our entire value chain is located in Germany!

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B-Lady Vagina Prostetic

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  • Delivery is on request as each prosthesis is handmade.
  • The delivery time is up to 14 days within Germany and up to 3 weeks internationally.
  • Discreet packaging: Each order is sent in a neutral box with a private return address to protect your privacy.
  • Shipping to a post office is also possible if desired.
  • We ship worldwide to ensure you can get the B-Lady vaginal prosthesis to your desired location.

Please note that this information is a guideline and there may be deviations depending on the individual order. Our customer service is at your disposal to answer further questions about the shipping information.

Our repair kit is your reliable helper when it comes to small repairs on your B-Lady vagina prosthesis. Whether cracks, cuts or signs of wear - with this kit your prosthesis will be ready for use again in no time at all.

The set includes all the necessary tools and materials for a simple and effective repair. With the included, easy-to-understand instructions, you are well equipped even without any prior technical knowledge.

Fulfill your longing and make your dream come true with the B-Lady vagina prosthesis from TransSensation. It's time to feel free wherever you go!

  • Handmade vagina prosthesis for transgenders, crossdressers, crossdressers, femboys and anyone who desires a more intimate experience of femininity.
  • Made from premium medical-grade silicone for a lifelike feel and maximum comfort.
  • Available in four fascinating variants (Linda, Marie, Donna, Anna) with a unique look.
  • One size that adapts perfectly to every body contour and stays comfortable and secure all day long.
  • "Restroom" friendly , can be worn while urinating.
  • Penetrable for a realistic female orgasm experience.
  • Less sweating compared to full body prostheses.
  • Easy to care for and ideal for everyday use.
  • Helps to discover and express one's femininity and identity.
  • Handmade in Germany and already sold over 5000 times worldwide.

Our B-Lady

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The B-Lady Vaginal Prosthesis is a high quality handcrafted fabric-silicone composite prosthesis designed to mimic the female anatomy. It is available in four versions: Donna, Linda, Marie and Anna, which differ only in appearance. Sweating is reduced through the use of non-toxic silicone and the durable material. Penetration is also possible thanks to Phalluflex technology.

Yes, thanks to Phalluflex technology, penetration is possible with the B-Lady vaginal prosthesis.

The delivery time is up to 14 days within Germany and up to 3 weeks for international delivery. Because each prosthesis is made to order, there is no inventory and each order is carefully and individually processed.

Each order is sent in a neutral box with a private sender address. This guarantees 100% discretion. It is also possible to send the delivery to a post office.

The prostheses are made of a fabric-silicone composite material that is 100% free of harmful substances. Made in Germany, the silicone is used in medicine as well as in makeup and special effects. It's safe and durable.

Yes, the B-Lady vaginal prosthesis allows you to go to the toilet as it is designed not to restrict the body's natural functions.

The different models Donna, Linda, Marie and Anna only differ in appearance. They represent the diversity of the female anatomy, with each shape being unique and handcrafted.

Specific care instructions should be provided by the manufacturer. As a general rule, silicone should be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap and allowed to air dry.

Yes, the prostheses are designed for everyday use. They're made of durable material that reduces perspiration, making them comfortable to wear.

A return is only possible if the packaging is unopened and the hygiene seal is unbroken. Unfortunately, we cannot take back worn and opened products for reasons of hygiene protection.

We therefore recommend our customers to ensure that the correct variant is selected before opening the packaging.

Queen for the night!



Queen at last. Also below! Our B-Lady is the crowning glory!

The Perfect Transformation

With all blah blah - true beauty comes from within and the bottom line is that you are good - just the way you are! ...Yes! - and the B-Lady gives you the extra boost.