B-Lady vagina prostheses: Variety and uniqueness in each model

A journey of identity finding and acceptance can be quite challenging. At B-Lady we are proud to be part of this journey and to help make the process that little bit easier and more enjoyable. Known as the B-Lady, our handcrafted vagina prostheses come in four unique variants: Donna, Linda, Marie and Anna.

Each of these variants has been lovingly and carefully designed to reflect the diversity of the female anatomy. We understand that there are countless vagina shapes in the world and that each one is unique. Our prostheses are no exception to this rule. They are a reflection of our attention to detail and our dedication to helping you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

The B-Lady vagina prostheses are made of a fabric-silicone composite material that is 100% free of harmful substances. This material is durable and reduces perspiration, keeping you comfortable all day long. Our prostheses are also equipped with the innovative Phalluflex technology, which allows penetration and offers you a more natural experience.

Our prostheses are manufactured and delivered on request only, with each order being individually processed and carefully handcrafted. This means that delivery times can vary, but are usually up to 14 days within Germany and up to 3 weeks for international delivery.

Discretion is very important to us at B-Lady. We ship all orders in neutral boxes with a private return address. Delivery to a post office is also possible on request. And while we firmly believe that you will love your B-Lady vaginal prosthesis, it's reassuring to know that returns are possible as long as the packaging is unopened and the hygiene seal is intact.

At TransSensation, our mission is to help you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Our vagina prostheses are more than just products - they are symbols of acceptance, love and the beauty of diversity. Discover the world of B-Lady today and feel the difference.

LOTS OF LOVE from the team ;)

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