Instructions for use

B lady

B-Lady vagina prosthesis - your step-by-step guide

Hey, lucky you:r! You are now the proud owner of a chic B-Lady vagina prosthesis. A high five for that! However, before you embark on your new adventure, take a moment and look through this guide. If you still have questions afterwards, you can take a look at our FAQs or contact us directly - we are always there for you!


The front of your new BFF (Best False Friend) consists of a penetrable vulva with your choice of lips, a fancy belt and four fastening cords


The back is nice and smooth and has a pocket for your penis. The highlight: There is also a practical urine hole!

limb pocket

Put on the B-Lady and insert your best piece gently and carefully into the pocket provided. Make sure the belt fits snugly but doesn't dig in. This is not a log throwing competition!


Use the four hanging cords to attach the B-Lady to the back at pelvic height. Don't over-tighten, we don't want you to turn blue!

final touch

As soon as you have correctly positioned and fastened the B-Lady, nothing stands in the way of your experience. Don't forget to only use water-based lube though - your b-lady likes water, but unfortunately oil makes her look old.

Now the fun can begin! We hope you enjoy your B-Lady vagina prosthesis and we always look forward to an update on your adventures.

If you have any further questions or concerns, we are of course always at your disposal. With this in mind: Have fun trying it out!